Daily Routine: MyProvenWay Bulk eMail Marketing
2 Daily Activities to MPW Marketing Success!

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GET MY BULK EMAIL OUT! (First Daily Activity)

Get your Bulk Email Out 5 days a week!
For deliverability reasons, you only want to mail 5 days a week and let the server & domain "REST" for 2 days a week.

We recommend that you DO NOT mail on Mondays or Fridays. We have found Friday to be the worst mailing day as far as responses go and Monday a close second.

We recommend you DO mail Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday!

But again, you can mix it up as well. Just make sure to take off 2 days a week from your Bulk Mailings!
Open/View the Nexus Toolbar
The Nexus Toolbar automatically starts and is running when you turn your PC on!

If you don't see the Nexus Toolbar window, you can open it by finding the green&blue recycle icon in the lower right hand of the screen where your clock is. Left click on that icon and the Nexus Toolbar window will be shown!
Click Here to see a screenshot of the Nexus Toolbar
Get your Bulk Email Out for the Day (5 days a week)
To open the Bulk Mailer simply click the Red Radio Button located on the Nexus Toolbar.

Click Here to see a screenshot of the Bulk Mailer once you open it.
The Bulk Mailer is a database that contains all your prospects data for mailings. It also contains the Campaign of 9 or so messages scheduled to go out to every prospect imported into the Bulk Mailer.

The Bulk Mailer is SMART! It knows WHO needs to get WHAT message & WHEN they need to get it!
All you need to do is click the above graphics to get your Bulk Email and let the software do the work for you!
Keep the Bulk Mailer Open (or minimized to your Windows Taskbar) until the caption turns GREEN (see image right). You may minimize the Bulk Mailer to your taskbar and use your machine normally. The Bulk Mailer will not interfere with normal PC operations!

By default, the Bulk Mailer sends out 15 messages then waits a minute, sends another 15 messages and waits a minute until 5500 emails are sent for the day. This will take approximately 3 to 4 hours to send all 5500 emails for the day.

We send at this pace because it is the speed we have found that delivers the best! We could blast all 5500 emails out in under an hour and get next to no emails delivered.
Process Responses & Start Prospecting! (Second Daily Activity)
Open the Nexus Email Client
Click the Nexus Email Client image as seen to the right.
This will open the Nexus Email Client! Click Here to see a screenshot of the Nexus Email Client
Click Receive Email button
Click the Nexus Email Client image as seen to the right.
This will open the Nexus Email Client!
    The Nexus Email Client automatically handles: (click "Receive Email" button)
  1. Removes (4 those prospects who click remove link in emails)
  2. Bounces (will clean out 99% bounces from list)
  3. Clickthroughs (adds them to FIDO)
Open FIDO & Start Prospecting!
Click the FIDO button!
This will open FIDO: The Contact Manager!

Click Here to see a screenshot of FIDO.
OR you can open FIDO from the Nexus Toolbar!